01.08.2018 18:00 –> Talk Collecting Anxiety Art Project @Frappant


The New York based curator Chi Chen has started the international art project “Collecting Anxiety” and since 2016 she is collecting recordings of people talking about their fears and anxieties. Artists and musicians are invited to realise diverse exhibition formats with this voice communities and shows have already taken place in the US and China.
In Hamburg some of the voice communities in already five different languages will be played. Additionally Chi will give a talk (in English) introducing her project and have a talk on collectiv and individuall anxiety with interesting converstaion partners. The audience is invited to participate in the conversation and afterwards voice recordings in any language can optional be added to Chen’s collection.

The event ‘Collecting Anxiety’ takes place in the solo exhibition Planetes by Frankie Gao in the Frappant Gallery. Entry through the backyard, signs lead the way. The artist will be present.

free entry

18:00 door opens (cool drinks for sale)
18:30 the talk starts
ca. 19:15 end of the talk and time for spontanouse voice recordings
20:00 door closes

Frankie Gao (CHN), MFA Freie Künstlerin, beschäftigt sich mit Fragen der menschlichen Existenz

Malte Stienen (DE), MFA Freier Künstler, beschäftigt sich in seinen Multimedialen Installation mit gesellschaftlichen und politischen Themen

Diana Pereira (PT), internationale Karriere in Sales und Marketing, erfahren in Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

Jacqueline Chick (CA), internationale Karriere in Influencer und Digital Marketing, DIY Lover und Gründer von Creative Nights